Lesbian Latex, Rubber, Bondage, Corsets, High Heels, Strap-on sex and PVC.

In this update Susan Wayland wears latex stockings, top and pants of Simon O, and is totally lubricated. The combination of latex fashion, shiny pierced nipples, and lubricated naked skin looks so sexy!

Susan Wayland's Pierced Nipples

The Latex Galerie - Rubber, Breath play, Vacuum, Kinky, Bondage, Heavy Rubber, Rubber Sex

Susan Wayland in Bizarre Black Beauty with 98 awesome latex pictures and 13:10 min HD video. In her own words:

“There are days where I feel like I’m a sweet young girl next door; on other days like a sexy, wild glamor girl a la Moulin Rouge or the Hollywood femme fatale. I suppose the last description fits perfectly my mood as we shot my newest gallery, “Bizarre Black Beauty”. Once again, I wanted to try out something naughty, wild, stylish, and modern. Two things were absolutely essential to pull this off successfully. Element one: my vanity case, with all the cosmetics I own. Element two: an extraordinary latex combination, of course. I looked through my latex wardrobe, looking here, then there, until I spotted a simple looking latex combination that I locked onto the moment I saw it. But looking closer it wasn’t so simple — quite the contrary! The latex combination I had chosen consists of tight black latex stockings and matching latex gloves, plus a really tight high-cut latex bodice from Westward Bound that was the real latex focus of this outfit. The height of the leg cut makes my already long legs look even longer, and the lavish cut cleavage makes my breasts look like I might be wearing a dirndl. I’m such a maniac when I know I’m wearing such a thrilling eye catcher. :)

Thus, I had a feeling my style of portraying a wild femme fatale might just be perfect, if I could create the matching make-up too, after selecting this oh-so-right latex combination. For make-up, I already had a great idea! I created a harder edge using extraordinary eye make-up in powerful expressive colors. My long blond hair and my nose ring gave the whole look the last tweak, and my style was perfect. In no way could you describe me as the dear girl next door on that day. The photo shoot was wild and exciting, and how thrilling it was. You’ll see what I mean if you take a look at the pictures. Enjoy them!”

Bizarre Black Beauty

Fetish-Lady Top 100

Once again it’s the time for some Heavy Rubber. Susan Wayland wears shiny tight latex, smoky transparent leggins, combined with a smoky transparent top revealing her pierced nipples and a pair of long transparent gloves. But this is just the first layer! Additionally, she wears black latex stockings, a shorter pair of black latex gloves that leave the longer ones visible. But the highlight of the outfit is an amazing boned, narrow Victorian over-bust corset by HW-design. It’s beautiful! It’s so shiny that you never want to take it off again. Well, should I really mention that along with this adorable fetish garment she is wearing extraordinary plateau boots? The boots certainly are transparent too, making sure that nothing hides her sexy long latex legs!

Wet Shiny Latex Layers

Susan Wayland looks simply fantastic in this sexy latex dress. Her style is simply unique, wearing her tight purple latex catsuit over a transparent latex catsuit, she takes black latex stockings and latex gloves connected by her corsets. This update includes 107 awesome latex pictures and 12:43 min HD video. All photos include: Downloadable Zips, 1600 Resolution, Slide Show & Favorite Setting

Susan Wayland in Purple Latex

We waited impatiently to see Susan Wayland in her Luminous Latex Highlights and every second was worth the wait! Susan Wayland is once again the perfect fetish model and a real delicacy. Her big pierced boobs are every man’s dream and because there is no other fetish model in the world with a body as perfect as Susan, it a pleasure to watch her in these sexy latex stockings. Once again, the best latex fetish model brings a fantastic dream to life!

Susan Wayland - Luminous Latex Highlights

I am sure you can imagine just how unbelievably hot this latex outfit was! Let start with the legs: Susan Wayland took these black fishnet stockings and pulled her shiny black latex stockings over them. You can see and feel the pattern of the fishnet stockings showing through the latex of the top layer stockings. Furthermore, Susan wore a suspender belt and this small, shiny latex string. To make perfect the entire outfit, she took her black latex top and a latex corset. This combination had the effect of making her boobies look even bigger than they normally do. If there were any guys who could manage to take their eyes off her legs, if their gaze made its way up to her boobs, they would have stopped there for sure!

Susan Wayland - Erotic Latex and Lace Beach Starlet

Could you ever imagine an outstanding photo session with unique latex outfits in a padded room? I’m pretty sure if you hear “padded room” you think about a heavy rubber photo shoot. These pictures are in truth part of an awesome photo session with glamorizing latex outfits designed by Latexa. Susan modeled a couple of years for Latexa, so I’m sure you’ve already noticed the development of this designer in the last couple of years. And once more during the shooting, Susan fell in love with this beautiful new latex design.

Susan Wayland: Heavy Rubber Room Latex Fashion